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I have recently been accepted as an Associate Composer of the Canadian Music Centre (CMC).  Although going back to school has curtailed my compositional output somewhat, I believe it will enhance this part of my artistic life in the long term.   My strong interest is to continue growing an international collaborative network with other singers, conductors, instrumentalists, poets and artists.  Check back for updates!

Recently Completed:
  • "A Passing Universe" Songs of Emily Dickinson, premiered in August with pianist Stephen Smith as part of an all Emily Dickinson concert

  • "Rise" for the Georgia Independent Schools Association Honours Choir

  • Choral music for various ensembles

  • "Water" a three part choral evocation of the element inspired by the work of Masaru Emoto

In the Works:
  • Chamber piece for Julia Nolan, saxophone, Joan Blackman, violin, and Jane Hayes, piano

  • Orchestral piece for conductor Anne Bonnycastle and next year's womens' shelter benefit

Choral Music/A Cappella

Can You Hear Me? (SATB), 2014

Missa Brevis (SATB), 2014




      Agnus Dei

Nova Scotia Suite (SSAATTBB) {Kirkconnell w/ permission}, 2014

      Grand Pré (SSAATTBB)

      Blomidon (SSAATTBB)

      Annapolis Valley (SSA/A)

      South Shore (TTBB)

      Cape Breton (SATBB)

Sur la mort de Marie (SATB) {Ronsard}, 2014



A Saviour is Born (SAB, piano), 2013

He is Risen (SAB, piano), 2014

Rise (SAB, piano), 2016



+Ave Maria (SSA), 2010

Echo (SSA) {Rossetti}, 2013 

Salva Me (SSAA, bass drum), 2015

Silver Lining (SSA),  2010

Song (SSA) {Rossetti}, 2013


SSA(A) Arrangements

+April Showers (SSA), 2011

Away from the Roll of the Sea (SSA, guitar), 2011

Drei Rosen: Three German Christmas Carols (SSA), 2014

Entre le boeuf et l'âne gris, (SSA, recorders), 2011

Frobisher Bay (SSA, bodhràn), 2011

+I'm Gonna Wash that Man Right Out of My Hair (SSA, guitar),  2010

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree (SSAA), 2010

Matchmaker (SSA, guitar), 2011

Over the Rainbow (SSA),  2010

She's Like the Swallow (SSA, viola, harp), 2012

Shenandoah (SSA), 2012 

Swinging on a Star (SSA), 2010

The White Cliffs of Dover (SSA), 2013

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah (SSA), 2010

Song Rep

Black and White from West End Menagerie (soprano, piano), 2008

Red and Green (soprano, piano), 2009

Rejoice, Christ Is Risen! (soprano, piano), 2014

A Passing Universe: Emily Dickinson Songs, 2017

     I.    The Window

     II.   The Brain is Wider Than the Sky

     III.  The Robin Is the One

     IV.  Dialogue

     V.   I'm Nobody!  Who Are You?

     VI.  I Never Saw a Moor

     VII. A Passing Universe


A Common Ground (mezzo, baritone) {Levertov}, 2014

      i (baritone w/mezzo-optional)

      ii (mezzo)

      iii (mezzo, baritone)

Lullaby (voice, ukelele/guitar, penny whistle/recorder-optional)

What I'm reading now:
What Happened by Hilary Clinton
Chamber Music

The Darkling Thrush (tenor, flute, guitar, cello) {Hardy}, 2011

How Now, Mad Spirit? (mezzo, flute, piano) {Shakespeare}, 2015

Fire and Ice (mezzo, english horn, cello, contrabass) {Frost}, 2013

La Pietà (soprano, recorder, cello, harpsichord, piano), 2010

Psalm 23 (soprano, bass clarinet), 2018

Sonnet to Orpheus, III, (tenor, guitar, opt. flute), 2015

West End Menagerie, (mixed chamber ensemble), 2008

      Morning Chorus (flute, kazoos)

      Back Alley Bandits (SATB)

      ^Heron Haiku (baritone, alto saxophone)

      Black and White (soprano, piano)

      ^Wood Rat Tango (violin, piano)

      Big Dog Blues ( SATB, flute, saxophone, piano, percussion)

Wind Songs (soprano, wind quartet), 2013

      *alternate version for soprano, Bb clarinet, piano, 2013

      Spring (soprano, piccolo, sop. sax, Bb clarinet, English horn)

      Summer (soprano, flute, Bb clarinet, English horn, ten. sax)

      ^Fall (soprano, flute, oboe, ten, sax, bass clarinet)

      ^Winter (soprano, oboe, sop. sax, bass flute, bass clarinet)



+Beat (mixed chamber ensemble w/ percussion), 2013

^Dawn, Awakening (mixed chamber ensemble w/ organs), 2009

Time and Tide (mixed chamber ensemble), 2009 

+Wave (mixed chamber ensemble w/ percussion), 2013



+Coffee!!! (soprano, piccolo, oboe, bass clarinet, electric guitar), 2014

      ("Ei, wie schmekt der Coffee süße" from J. S. Bach's Coffee Cantata)

The Dark Island (soprano, clarient, piano), 2015

Greensleeves (soprano, clarinet, piano), 2010

Summertime (soprano, clarinet, piano), 2010

Huron Carol (soprano, organ, hand drum, bell), 2010

Huron Carol (soprano, violin, harp, bohdràn), 2015

I Wonder as I Wander (soprano, violin, harp), 2015

The Salley Gardens (soprano, clarinet, piano), 2015

     *alternate version for soprano, flute, piano, 2015

^She's Like the Swallow (soprano, viola, harp), 2013

      *alternate version for SSA, viola, harp, 2012

Silent Night (soprano, violin, harp), 2015

Still, Still, Still (soprano, violin, harp), 2015

The Water is Wide (soprano, clarinet, piano), 2015

      *alternate version for soprano, flute, piano, 2015

Winter Wonderland (2 sopranos, 2 pianos, handbells-optional), 2010


Instrumental Music
Piano Solo

Bonnie Bee (children's piece), 2009

Happy Valentine's Day (children's piece), 2010

Hugs and Kisses (children's piece), 2011

Reverie, 2014

Snowdrops (children's piece), 2010


The Road to Jerusalem (handbell choir, 5 8ve), 2017

      *alternate version for organ, 2017



Bacchus on His Ass (English horn), 2015

Edge Seasons from Windsongs, 2013

      Spring-Summer (Bb clarinet)

      Summer-Fall (flute)

      Fall-Winter (oboe)

      Winter-Spring (sop. sax)

from West End Menagerie, 2008

      Morning Chorus (flute)

      ^Woodrat Tango (violin, piano)


+ denotes video sample under "Composition>Watch"

^denotes audio sample under "Composition>Listen"

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