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Studio Policy


Catherine Laub Voice Studio
Maillardville, Coquitlam, near IKEA (call or email for specific address)
(778) 689-2008,



At the last lesson of each month, we will confirm the number of lessons for the next month.  Both parties are responsible for knowing the next month’s schedule and arranging for appropriate payment no later than the first lesson of each month. 


Please be on time for lessons.  If you are late, you may forfeit that portion of your lesson time as I generally see several students in a row.  If I am running late for any reason, you will be taught your full lesson time with my apologies.  Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for your lesson time. 


If you must miss your lesson, as a courtesy I will do my best to find another time for you a maximum of once per year.  Please note that no courtesy lessons will be extended without at least 48 hours notice- exceptions granted at my discretion in the case of illness with doctors note or family emergency.  No refunds or credits will be given for habitually missed lessons, and missing the first lesson of the month does not exempt you from paying for it.  


I make every effort to offer and adhere to regular, weekly lesson times.  However, my performance career entails a certain amount of travel, and I will occasionally be away.  I will always let you know well in advance about any dates I will be away, generally well before the beginning of the month.  If I have to cancel a lesson due to illness or emergency, I will always make it up or offer a credit.


If you decide to stop taking lessons for any reason, you must let me know with a minimum of one month’s notice.



What to Bring

When you come to your lesson, you should always bring

  • Water (in a water bottle- never to be set on top of the piano)

  • Lesson Notebook and a Pen or Pencil

  • Music including RCM books and vocalises

  • Recording device as necessary: phone, video camera, Zoom



Photocopying and Music Purchase

It is illegal to make photocopies of music you do not own.  If you want to take exams or enter festival classes, you must purchase your own music, as it is a requirement for all these events to have original music or else you face disqualification.  Music editions no longer under copyright, ie in public domain, may be exempted.  


I go to the music store on a regular basis and am happy to buy what you need.  I will e-mail you an invoice and expect to receive the full amount (payable by cash or cheque) at your next lesson.



Performance Experience: Concerts, Exams, Festivals and Auditions

You are not required to take exams, perform in festival classes or do auditions.  However, if you desire to perform in any capacity, these are all fine ways of gaining feedback and performance experience.  I will periodically hold studio recitals, and you will be encouraged to participate.  You must learn all your pieces from memory and should have all materials thoroughly learned and/or memorized a month before any exam, audition, or recital.


For those of you who advance to the Grade 10 or ARCT level or who plan to audition for a university music program, you must also perform all your exam or audition pieces for an audience prior to taking the exam or performing the audition.  As per the Voice Syllabus, ARCT candidates should expect to spend two years preparing for the exam after passing Grade 10.


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